JUSTIFIED – Written by Carroll Bryant

I understand
I’m placing way too much responsibility
In such young and fragile hands
Love as pure as snow
Young heart
Young mind
The kindest of souls
My love can’t be justified
Not tonight
With you on my mind
And not by my side
I fight
I fight for the right to love
Not to be alone
Or sweet nothings on the phone
I want
I need
Something I can hold
Not stories to pass into the wind
Not through unselfish lies
All I have is what you own
Mystic eyes
They haunt me
Your voice
It taunts me
The hope
The dream
It kills me
And nothing can be justified
Your feelings
My feelings
Just passage of thoughts
Racing through our minds
Nothing can be justified
Not the day
Not the night
Our plight
There is no light that shines
It never shows
We were always alone
And try as we might
Our love can never be


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